Saudi Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman Net worth


Muhammad bin Salman is the most important personality in Saudi Arabia. As we know, the king is Salman, but he is too old to take care of issues of state so we can say MBS is the de facto leader of the state.

MBS Net Worth

So Now the Prince Muhammad bin Salman is a key personality in Saudi Arabia. If we talk about the individual net worth of the prince, it is around 5 billion US dollars.

But in Saudi Arabia, all the state is the personal property of the king so if we takeintot into consideration then the net worth becomes around 500 billion USD.

We can say without any doubt that Muhammad bin Salman is the richest and most powerful personality in Saudi Arabia.

After taking control of the state MBS has done many remarkable things for the growth of KSA. The green card system is one of them as we know in past it was difficult to get citizenship in Saudi Arabia for expatriates.

But now it has become easy due to the new policies of the MBS cabinet. Now if you have a good investment then there is no need to live in KSA with the iqama system or by depending on sponsors. You can get citizenship by investing a specific amount in Saudi Arabia.

There are many remarkable projects still ongoing in Saudi Arabia. MBS want to reduce the dependency of the Saudi govt on oil products. So Saudi Govt now investing heavily in the tourism industry.

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Personal information

MBS was born in Riyadh in 1985. So, he is 36 years old. MBS become the crown prince in 2017 and now he is leading all big projects in KSA.

Initiatives for expatriates

As we know Saudi Arabia has the biggest number of expatriates as compared to all over the world. But the system to control the expatriates was too old and outdated.

Now MBS has revolutionized all these systems and all the database and record of expatriates is now online.

It helps the Saudi govt to reduce criminal activities and it has made it difficult to live in Saudi Arabia illegally. Absher Portal is a great initiative of the MBS govt which helps expatriates to check all the details in a few clicks. It works under the ministry of interior.

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