Richard Williams Net Worth

Richard Williams Net Worth
Net Worth$20 Million
NationalityUnited States of America
Salary MonthlyUnder Review

In an athlete’s history, we found great celebrity and athlete, then Richard Williams is a great personality and athlete coach. Richard Williams is an American tennis coach. Similarly, in the article, we discussed Richard Williams Net Worth.

If you are interested in sports and athletes, then you read my article. Richard is the father of two famous athletes, girls.

And also his named Venus and Serena Williams. Because in the article, we tell all answers will you ask Bio, career life, Earnings, and salary?

In their career life, in the beginning, he plays football, but some years later, he plays tennis. So During the time, he was a tennis coach. So we are going to talk about Early life.

Early Life/Biography

Full NameRichard Dove Williams Jr.
Age79 Years
OccupationTennis Coach
Date of Birth9 May 1971
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
ChildrensVenus Williams, Serena Williams, Dylan Starr Williams, Richard Williams III

On February 14, 1942, Richard Williams was born in Shreveport(United States). He, born in a big family. Because his father works very hard and earns money.

Similarly, his father named Julia Mae Metcalf. He has four sisters, but Richard was the elder brother. And, also his sister calls Barbara, Pat, Faye, and Penny.

He belongs to a middle-class family. Richard father is a manual worker. In begging, he started the school study at Shreveport.

So when he passed the school study then went to Shreveport for searching the best workplace. So he went to California and lived.

In 1965, he did marry Betty Johnson. They have five children. And, two daughters and three sons are lives together.

Six years later, he does second marry Oracene Price. And, he gave birth to her two daughters, and these daughters make a famous athletes player. So we are going to talk about his income and salary.

Physical Appearance

Height175 cm
Weight80 KG
Hair ColorUnder Review
Eye Color

Richard Williams Net Worth 2021 and Income/Salary

Richard is an estimated net worth of 20 million dollars. Because when he starts his career life, then he starts playing football but some years later, he playing only tennis. Similarly, during the time he is a tennis coach.

Richard Williams Net Worth : $ 20 Million USD
Richard is a tennis player. But my career life; he earns money from many sources. Because he is a football and tennis player, so he received retirement and make a tennis coach.

So his daughter’s international athletes. Richard gives training for his daughter and makes famous tennis players. So Richard Williams Net Worth is around about 20 million dollars.

In his career life, he mostly spends time in California. Because in the city, he plays tennis and gives tennis training for other students.

So he is a famous tennis coach. Similarly, when he joined the tennis team, then he plays very well and earns money. Clyde Drexler is a great athlete player. So we are going to talk about his career life.


After school study, he starts his career life. At starting he was a great tennis player, but that time he is an American tennis coach. In his career life, he earns money and gets awards.

Like, 20 richest athlete players. But he was not a great tennis player. So he decides, his daughters make a tennies player. As causes, he gives training to his daughters.

One time, he sees Virginia Ruzici because Virginia Ruzici is a great and overactive tennis player. But that time he is a retired tennis player. Larry English is the most famous player in the world.

So his daughter gets training from Virginia Ruzici. Unfortunately, his daughters make a famous tennis player. So he feels proud because of his dream completed.

In 1995, when Serena gets training, then he starts playing tennis.

In 1999, he joined the US open match. Ray Lewis is the richest and overactive player. So she wins the game and receives an award. Similarly, Richard was pleased and feels proud of her daughter.

His second daughter named Venus, and she wins 2000 Wimbledon awards. So she makes an internationally famous athlete player. So Richard is a renowned tennis coach.

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