Dwayne Bravo Net Worth 2024

How much does Dwayne Bravo worth?

Net Worth: $28 Million
Born: October 7, 1983
Full Name:
Dwayne John Bravo
Birth Place: Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago
Residence : Tobago
Education : Aranguez Junior Secondary School
Occupation Cricketer, Singer
Updated 2022

Dwayne Bravo, a cricketer whose name reverberates with the rhythm of calypso and the crack of leather on willow, is a celebrated figure in the world of cricket.

Known for his exuberant all-round capabilities on the field and his charismatic presence off it, Bravo has become a beloved athlete across the globe.

His flair with both bat and ball has made him a staple in various international leagues, where he showcases his talents in the high-octane world of Twenty20 cricket.

As a sportsman whose career has been as colorful as his personality, Bravo’s financial journey is one that many fans are keen to understand.

On NetWorthPlanet, we take a closer look at Dwayne Bravo’s net worth, diving into the earnings that come with being a sought-after player in the competitive cricket circuit.

From lucrative contracts to endorsement deals and beyond, we examine the sources of Bravo’s wealth and how his prowess on the pitch has translated into success in the financial field.

Step into the life of Dwayne Bravo, where sporting excellence meets financial acumen, and discover the wealth behind the wickets.

Early Life/Biography

on October 7, 1983, Dwayne Bravo was born in Trinidad and Tobago. Dwayne Bravo is a fantastic player in cricket. He starts to study at his school. His parent’s name is John and Joycelyn Bravo. They very much love to each other.

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Mostly he spends time each to gather. His father was love from Bravo. These have four sisters. When he starts to study, then he only focused on sports. 

He loves football games, but he plays cricket in childhood. When he went to school, then he mostly spent time plays cricket.

Likewise, in the world 20 richest athletes player. So mostly he loves football, but Brain Lara asks he went to the cricket team and make an international cricketer.

First of all, he only focused on get high education then he gets higher education. So after passed the study, he spent all-time in his cricket.

When Bravo was free, then he mostly listening to music. As causes, he was very interested in singing the songs. 

Mother Name Joycelyn Bravo
Father Name John Bravo
Sister  Four
Martial Status Married
B-F/Wife Name Regina Ramjit
Son Name Dwayne Bravo Junior
Daughter Name Dwaynice Bravo

How did Dwayne Bravo become so famous and how to make Net worth it?

Dwayne Bravo Net Worth estimated net worth is $28 million. He was an all-rounder cricketer and singer.

He gets all net worth in his cricket life and singing. As a cause, he makes a good cricketer. When we describe all the richest men, the Bravo included in the most precious man’s list.

Lara is a famous and international cricketer. Similarly, Herschelle Gibbs is a famous cricket player in the world. He was a left-handed batsman.

Many matches won, so he asks Bravo and gives helpful inspiration. Lara asks you only focused on cricket. As causes, he joins the cricket team and plays cricket. 

On April 18, 2004, he played cricket against England. This match is ODI but he plays like a twenty match. He was very doing very nice batting and bowling.

So he was wains this match. But during this time he did not play an ODI match. The final game he plays against India. 

What Makes It So Successful?

In 2002 he started his cricketer career and played the first match against Barbados. So he plays very nicely and selected from the West Indies team.

During the same year, he plays the game against England and wins this match.

He began to make an international cricketer. After he gives excellent performance than his coach selected from as a captain. Currently, this time, he is a captain of the west indies team.

In 2003, he played against the England ODI match and won this match. In the game, he makes a captain and gives an excellent performance.

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Likewise, in 2003/4, he plays the test match against England, so he wins this match. He gets 68 wickets in this match.

In 2005, When West Indies team went to Australia and played a test match, but in the game, Bravo did not play. He feels that controversy because he is a great batsman and bowler.

This match they did not win, but in the next game, Brave was played and make 113 runs. That is a fantastic performance and wins this match.

So mostly income comes this cricket career. Bravo estimated net worth is $28 million. And his annual salary is $3.2 million. 

Past 14 Years Career Earnings:

Year Team Yearly Salary £ Yearly Salary ₹
2021 Chennai Super Kings £627,200 ₹ 64,000,000
2020   (Retain) Chennai Super Kings £627,200 ₹ 64,000,000
2019   (Retain) Chennai Super Kings £627,200 ₹ 64,000,000
2018 Chennai Super Kings £627,200 ₹ 64,000,000
2017 Gujarat Lions £392,000 ₹ 40,000,000
2016 Gujarat Lions £392,000 ₹ 40,000,000
2015 Chennai Super Kings £392,000 ₹ 40,000,000
2014   (Injured) Chennai Super Kings £392,000 ₹ 40,000,000
2013 Chennai Super Kings £104,409.2 ₹ 10,654,000
2012 Chennai Super Kings £98,529.2 ₹ 10,054,000
2011 Chennai Super Kings £90,160 ₹ 9,200,000
2010 Mumbai Indians £68,046.3 ₹ 6,943,500
2009 Mumbai Indians £72,206.4 ₹ 7,368,000
2008 Mumbai Indians £59,035.2 ₹ 6,024,000
Total   £4,569,186.3 ₹ 466,243,500

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